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Flappy Pig


Some information about Flappy Pig

The game rules

Help your pink pig character fly as far as possible in Flappy Pig. The game requests you to control the character while avoiding crashing into pipes.

The game has gameplay similar to Flappy Bird. You can join it to be able to conquer the longest distance. First, you have to navigate the pink pig so that it can fly far. Are you surprised that pigs can fly? Your character possesses a great pair of wings. So it can fly easily. You have to help it get through the water pipes safely. If you collide with any of the pipes, the game is over. You need to be extra careful not to lose your life. The water pipes have different heights, so navigating the character requires ingenuity.

Next, you are not allowed to land your pink pig character. It is one of the reasons why you must stop the game. You need to consider when navigating the height of the character. If you go through a water pipe you get one point. Try to be able to get a high score.

How to control

Use the left mouse button to control your character. You need to press the left mouse button to fly and release the left mouse button to land.

Some tips for you when playing Flappy Pig

Holding down the left mouse button for too long will cause the character's height to go out of control. Also, if you press the left mouse button in a short time and release, your character may fall. You need to focus on the time to press the left mouse button. As a result, your character will fly steadily.

You should practice many times to master the game. You will have valuable experiences and lessons for yourself. Good luck.