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Fruit Link


What is Fruit Link

The gameplay

Welcome to Fruit Link where you can connect many varieties of the same fruit. You need to clean the playing field within the allotted time to get high scores

You cạn see different types of fruits on the board. They look very eye-catching and lively. You need to match two of the same fruits to remove them from the playing field. You need to keep in mind that you do not have much time. You need to complete the mission on time to be able to move to the following levels.

Moreover, when matching the fruits, you need to remember that you can only match two similar fruits that are not blocked by other fruits. It means you need to match the same fruits with only 3 lines max. So, you need to be careful when linking them. Good luck.

How to control

You will use the mouse to click on the fruits you want to connect them to. Then, the chosen fruits will disappear automatically. If you are struggling, you can use hints, shuffles, and bombs. The hints will help you find the locations of the fruits that can be removed from the playing field. In addition, shuffles will reverse the position of the fruits. Then you can complete the task more easily. Bombs are the best power-ups. It will remove a large amount of fruit from the playing field. So the number of bombs will also be limited. Use them effectively. Do you like games with a fruit theme? You can try Fruit Master here.

Some exciting game modes in Fruit Link

Classic mode

This is the most basic mode. It is very suitable for beginners. Your task is to clear the playing field before time runs out. Pay attention to the time bar. You can know your remaining time. You can invite anyone to join this mode. It is so exciting.

Time mode

In this mode, you still need to clear the playing field. However, your time will only be counted in the time it takes to find a pair of fruits. You only have a few seconds to find a pair. After you find a pair of fruits, the time will start to count down. The game requires your search speed to be fast unless you will lose.

Nightmare mode

The last mode is very dramatic. The time for you is the same as in the first mode. But the number of fruits will gradually increase. You have to have quick hands and quick eyes to remove many different fruits.