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Fruit Slasher


The principles of Fruit Slasher

Fruit Slasher is a fun game helping you improve your speed. Your mission is to slash as many fruits as possible while avoiding slashing the bombs.

Like Poor Bunny, the game will give you hours of relaxation. In this game, you will take part in an amazing skill test. You need to slice the past flowers that appear on the playing field. They will be released. You need to be agile to slice them before they fall. If you let any fruit fall, you will lose a life. You only have three lives per play. You need to save them to be able to slash more fruits.

In addition, there will be many bombs thrown. You are not allowed to confuse them with other fruits. You are not allowed to slash them. These bombs will explode as soon as you touch them. As a result, you continue to lose another life.

Finally, when playing games, you need to be aware that your time is limited. It will count down immediately if you stop slashing fruits. You need to increase the slashing speed to be able to maintain your remaining time. If you want to improve your speed, join the game many times to practice.

Some tips save your lives in Fruit Slasher

When bombs and fruits appear together, you should not slash them immediately unless you will slash the bomb. As a result, you lose. You need to slash the fruit one by one to dodge the bombs. Although it is a bit time-consuming, it will be safe for you. You can save your time by slashing the fruit as soon as they appear. Place your mouse in the bottom corner of the screen. This will help you remove more fruit. Finally, do not forget to practice your skills. Play until you master the game.