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Funny Animals Match 3


Some challenges in Funny Animals Match 3

The high target of the game

Participate in Funny Animals Match 3 with many adorable animals. To complete the level, you match three or more of the same animals before running out of time.

Welcome to the fascinating matching game. In the game, you will see a table with lots of cute little animals. These include elephants, bears, birds, dogs, cats, etc. Each animal will be placed in a different square. Your task is to move the animal to match the same animals. You must match at least three of the same animals so that they can disappear from the board. Other animals will appear and you continue to match them. You have to match as many animals as possible. You will get many gold coins after matching successfully. You must reach the target to pass the level. Each level will have a different target. The higher the level, the higher the target. You need to try to complete it.

The limited time

When you first start the game, you will only have 10 seconds. You will be surprised at the limited time. However, don't worry too much. You can increase your time by concatenating animals fast. After you finish concatenating, you will get an extra 3 seconds. Accumulate them to be able to complete the quest. Instead of spending too much time thinking and finding, I advise you to be quick to match three or more identical animals. Pay attention to the countdown timer in the top left corner of the screen.

Some tactics to win Funny Animals Match 3

It is best if you can release a lot of tactics. They can help you to win. If you are struggling, you can follow some tips below.

Match animals quickly

You need to increase the speed of matching animals because that's the only way to get more time. You can also complete tasks faster. You can accumulate more time if you can match quickly. Train your hand speed to be able to complete the task. Other skills such as observation also need to be improved. The characters are sometimes quite similar which makes you miss the time. As a result, you will take a lot of time. You need to train your skills to win before your time runs out.

Match many animals simultaneously

If you match 3 of the same animals, you can get 50 coins. But if you can match more animals, you can get a lot of coins. Depending on the number of animals that you match, you will receive the corresponding amount of gold coins. If you can match multiple animals at once, you can get more gold coins. Furthermore, you need to observe to be able to match 4 or 5 animals. Try your best to become the winner. You also come up with your tips. Try many tips to get a large number of coins. Then, you can draw valuable lessons. You also can enjoy another matching game called Jewel Pets Match. Good luck!