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Jewel Pets Match


The mechanics of Jewel Pets Match

Jewel Pets Match is an interesting matching game. Your mission is to match three or more similar pets to get many coins and move to the following level.

Welcome to this amazing game. In this game, you will move pets to form a row or column with at least three of the same pets. If you can succeed, you will get a lot of points. In addition, to complete the game, you need to meet the target. Each level will have different targets. You will probably have to get the required score if you want to move to the next level. You also break the wooden blocks to win. It is said that the game offers a lot of exciting targets.

However, you also need to keep in mind that you do not have too many moves. Your moves are limited. You have to complete the challenge without using all the moves. Try to be able to win.

If you are looking for an entertaining game, the game is suitable for you. You can both have fun and practice your skills. Moreover, your quick response is also improved. The game is very simple. You can understand the rules after the first attempt. Besides, if you finish the game, let's move to Traffic Command to relax. Have fun.

Some tricks to complete the target in Jewel Pets Match

Create special jewels

If you can match more than three pets, you will create special jewels. They can help you get more points. Each jewel will have different characteristics. They can eliminate different pets thanks to the rainbow jewel. The flower jewels will disappear a large number of pets around it. Therefore, you should take advantage of them to complete the task.

Buy some power-ups

You will have more moves when purchasing the Extra Moves. So, you will be able to handle the moves when trying to complete the level. In addition, when using Chopsticks, you can remove one pet jewel pet from the playing field. As a result, you can get a large number of points. Finally, you should purchase the School Of Fish which can help you eliminate many pets simultaneously. So, you can finish the game rapidly.