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Geometry Dash Fairydust


The gameplay overview of Geometry Dash Fairydust

Let's try out Geometry Dash Fairydust offering a great experience for you. By dodging obstacles skilfully, you can reach the finish line without getting hurt.

Like Short Ride, this game introduces you to an exciting adventure. It features a series of challenging sequences that require precise control and quick reflexes. The game utilizes the left mouse button as the primary control mechanism. Clicking this button allows you to make their character jump and fly upwards. Let's explore the different sequences encountered throughout the game.

Your adventure

  • 0-14%: The game commences with the player controlling a cube form, which sets the foundation for the upcoming challenges.
  • 15-20%: Transitioning into a ball form, you navigate through a relatively easier segment, requiring minimal inputs.
  • 21-28%: The character transforms into a semi-auto cube form, featuring a few straightforward jumps, providing a brief respite before the ensuing difficulties.
  • 29-73%: The game takes a dramatic turn as the character transforms into the infamous Nine Circles wave. This segment is characterized by flashing lights, tight spaces, and demanding precision. You must navigate through gravity portals, master challenging click patterns, and contend with a mini-wave section that further increases the level of difficulty.
  • 74-100%: The final stretch of Fairydust introduces a double-speed wave character, intensifying the challenge with tighter spaces and demanding quick reactions.

Ways to guide the cube character

PC: Press the spacebar, up arrow key or click the left mouse button to guide the character to fly up or jump up.

MOBILE: Just tap the screen to take control of the character to jump up or fly up.

The difficulty of Geometry Dash Fairydust

This game was initially rated as a 9-star difficulty level. Then, it was later super-buffed to Extreme Demon difficulty and verified by JakeEP, remaining rated as a 9-star in-game for several months before being unrated. Now, this game is considered to be the new version with Hard Demon level. Are you brave enough to challenge yourself with this hard game?