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Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams


Brace yourself with exciting adventures in Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams. This new version requires you to guide the character to fly or slide to the finish line.

General information about Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams

This interesting version was released by ItzAspi and attracted many players. Although it is considered to be a Hard Demon level, it is easier. Moreover, the song in this game was produced by Rukkus. Moreover, the theme of this game is really similar to Geometry Dash Fairydust. Specifically, its theme is purple. It looks like a sweet dream of an adventurer. Let's play this game and explore what there is in this beautiful dream.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams

Join the adventure

Unlike other versions of Geometry Dash, this game does not require you to collect coins. Instead, your only object is to take control of your character to reach the finish line in the shortest time. Like Short Ride, the track in this game is really challenging because it is full of dangerous obstacles. Crashing into them will result in your death. Therefore, you had better stay away from them while flying or running to the finish line. Moreover, the track in this game has more speed portals. Therefore, the speed of the character will decrease and increase constantly. Moreover, there are only three kinds of form portals that will transform your character into a ship, a cube, or a wave. The constant change of speed and appearance of the character requires your quick reflex. Let's guide your character skillfully to complete the adventure in the shortest time.



To control the character to jump or fly up, you must click the left mouse button or press the spacebar.


To guide the character to jump or fly up, you have to tap the screen of your device.