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Happy Halloween


The overview of Happy Halloween

Welcome to the Happy Halloween game, where you will embark on a ghoulish adventure. You have to connect the same Halloween items to meet the target.

Are you looking for an interesting game for this year's Halloween season? Why don't you try participating in this game? You will be able to unleash your creativity and practice your skills after playing this game. The game brings a real Halloween atmosphere. If you skip this game, you will regret what the game brings. Challenge yourself with awesome missions and targets.

In the game, you will see a board with many items related to Halloween such as pumpkins, witches, staff, ghosts, demons, haunted houses, etc. You will have to rely on the goals of each level to come up with your strategy. You should be mentally prepared to face difficult challenges. Good luck.

Some challenges and targets in Happy Halloween

Some challenges

There are two big challenges for you. First is the time limit. Some levels will have a countdown timer. You need to complete the targets within the specified time. You cannot advance to the following level if you cannot meet the targets within the allotted time.

Your second challenge is the limited moves. The limited number of moves will bring disadvantages. It makes the game more difficult. Therefore, you need to think carefully before connecting similar items. If you can overcome these challenges, you can easily unlock many more levels. You should take advantage of your abilities to complete the task.

Some targets

Your target will be displayed at the top. You can track it to see your progress. The variety of targets will bring excitement and appeal to the game. Join the game and unlock the highest levels of this game. In addition, when you complete the level successfully, you can unlock power-ups. Use them to pass the level quickly. Do not miss Om Nom Connect Classic if you are keen on this kind of game.