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Hero Wars


The gameplay of Hero Wars

Welcome to Hero Wars in which you will transform into a brave hero. Let's fight against monsters in the castle to save the princess and find treasures.

The adventure of the brave hero in Hero Lands will continue in this game. In this game, you will transform into this hero. You are informed that the princess and other people in the castle were kidnapped by evil monsters. Let's run to the enemies' castle to rescue the princess now. Note that their castle hides many treasures, so do not forget to collect them. During the battle, you should take a look at the numbers at the head of the rivals because they play or eat food to raise your power. Do your best to defeat all enemies to earn many coins.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to guide the hero.

Impressive features of Hero Wars

Various skins

This game features many hero skins. There are two ways to get them. The first way is to accumulate as many coins as possible and use them to purchase your favorite skin. Another way is to complete many levels in the game. You will gain many points after winning a level. After accumulating enough points, you can unlock a random hero skin.

Daily rewards

If you sign in to this game every day, you will obtain many daily rewards. Here is the list of daily rewards in this game.

  • Day 1: On the first day, you will get 500 coins.
  • Day 2: If you return and play this game on the second day, you will claim 800 coins.
  • Day 3: the reward of the third day is 1000 coins.
  • Day 4: If you play this game for 4 days, you will be rewarded with 1500 coins.
  • Day 5: The reward on the fifth day is 200 coins.
  • Day 6: The biggest reward is 2500 coins. You can get them if you play this game for 6 days.