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Idle Ants


Some exciting missions in Idle Ants

Idle Ants is an entertaining game related to the feeding journey of small ants. You need to upgrade the factors so that your ants can have more money and food.

You will start the game with a small ant. Then you will have a whole colony of ants if you complete the tasks below well.

Upgrade moving speed

Your first little ant will begin to collect food on the ground and bring it back to its nest. Then you will get money after your first ant gets a piece of food. You need to accumulate money to upgrade the movement speed of ants. If it moves fast, it can get more coins. You should upgrade the speed to a higher level.

Increase ants number

If you have enough money, you should add other ants. Together they will find food. Therefore, there will be more food brought back to the nest. It means you have a lot of money. The large number of ants can help you complete the level quickly. Good luck.

Boost food value

You have to earn more money if you want the value of the food to increase. You can upgrade it. As a result, the pieces of food will bring you more money. You will be rich in this game. After each upgrade, its price will increase.

Some traits of Idle Ants

Level up

After the progress bar is full, you can press Upgrade to be able to upgrade your level. You will also receive a large amount of money. It is a prize for all of your effort. The bonus increases in size as the level rises.

Change the food

The food of the ants is also changed after the levels. You can find donuts, bread, chocolate bars, cookies, etc. They make the game more engaging and amusing. It sounds so interesting, right? Try the game and do not for get to check out Gold Miner which is also an awesome arcade game on our website.