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Joee Adventure


Some information about Joee Adventure

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Participate in Joee Adventure to collect a large number of gems. Your mission is to control your character to reach the exit portal and move to the next level.

Joee is a smart explorer. He is the main character in this game. You will support him to be able to complete the mission. Now, you have to help him collect as many gems as possible. They are placed in different locations. You control your character to be able to explore every nook and cranny. You should not miss any gems. In addition, you also need to reach the exit portal to pass the level. When playing this game, you must conquer 24 levels with different degrees of difficulty. You need to be skillful and agile to be able to overcome them. If you are ready, you can start the game right away.

How to control

To control your character, you can use the keyboard or mouse. You can press the spacebar to change the color of the platforms. Then, your character can move flexibly through different platforms. You press the up arrow key to jump over the high platforms. Besides, you can use the left mouse button to press the icon on the screen to navigate your character.

Some traits of Joee Adventure

Like Brick Breaker Bash, the game has a lot of challenging levels. You need to complete them in turn to be able to complete the mission. The levels will get harder. You will meet more challenges in the following levels. Can you become the best player who can conquer all levels in this game?

In addition, you are not limited to the game. Therefore, you can play until you can collect all the gems. You should practice to improve your ability. Good luck!