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Mad Scientist


The highlights of Mad Scientist

Some things about the scientist

Mad Scientist created a lot of weapons to defeat the mighty army. You need to control your character to eliminate others before they knock you down.

The scientist is one of the new characters in the game series. In this game, you will admire a mad scientist. He had a lot of new and unique inventions. The things that he made were beneficial. They all have great and extraordinary power. However, people disagree with the mad scientist's innovations. They assumed that his inventions would harm others. Thus, a task force was born. They have a mission to defeat the mad scientist. You need to act now to protect your character. Use the skills you have to defeat the mighty army who are equipped with advanced weapons.

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The scientist's weapons

As you know, the mad scientist has a lot of great inventions. Guns are his best thing. His stun gun can knock out other characters easily. He only needs a sufficient distance to take down his opponent. However, it will also bring him risks. The closer you get to the opponent, the more dangerous it is. He also has another invention. It is jet lag. It can help your character soar. As a result, you can avoid the rivals' ammo.

Controls in Mad Scientist

Before your character runs out of energy, you need to support him to go as far as possible by defeating his opponent. You can use the gun by pressing the spacebar. You can also click the gun icon on the screen. You also need to dodge the opponent's bullets to not lose energy. Use the jet to jump up. You can press W or the jet icon on the screen. Good luck!