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Minion Rush


Appealing things of Minion Rush

The game rules

Minion Rush is a fantastic running game with a character in the Despicable Me movie. You need to navigate it to dodge obstacles and run further.

Inspired by the main character in the famous movie, the game's character will impress you if you are a fan of Despicable Me. This is a cute character. However, in this game, it will have to go through many difficult challenges. Like Subway Surfers, your goal in this game is also to guide an adorable Minion to run further. You will navigate your character to avoid dangerous obstacles including buses, monsters, gaps, etc. You need to jump over them or turn right or left to avoid them. If you crash into them, your character will lose a life immediately. You also need to move flexibly among three lanes to be able to collect many coins. You will get a large amount of coins if you do not skip any coins on the track. Sometimes, you also need to ignore them to ensure the safety of your character. After completing an exciting adventure in this game, you should not forget to join Zoo Run to participate in another journey.


Press a W key to guide the minion to jump over obstacles.

Press a S key to control the minion to slide.

Press an A key to guide the minion to turn left.

Press a D key to control the cute minion to turn right.

Some features of Minion Rush

Some beneficial items on the track

A few scooters on the track can help you go further. You should collect them because your character will be controlled automatically in a short time. It also ensures your character's safety as it can fly. Moreover, you can collect the magnet because it can help you collect all nearby coins without moving to the left or right or jumping. The shield is also a collectible item that can protect you from obstacles along the way. However, the shield will disappear after you collide with any danger. Besides, if you see the 2X multiplier power-up while running, you should not ignore it because its effect is to double your score. The final power-up you should collect is the 2X Coin. This power-up helps to increase the value of the coins you gathered.

Exchange other characters

The new characters in the store are very eye-catching. You can change your character to make the race more interesting. There are many other adorable characters waiting for you to unlock. You can unlock them to experience. Make an effort to earn coins.