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Physics Drop


The mechanics of Physics Drop

You can train your brain with many challenging puzzles in Physics Drop. The game requests you to draw lines as long as the ball drops into the pot.

Move the ball

Like Crossy Traffic, the gameplay of the game is also very simple, so it is suitable for everyone including newcomers and skillful players. You can understand it from the first play. You are responsible for bringing the ball into the pot. The ball will be placed on a platform. These platforms will change through different levels. You need to draw lines for the ball to drop into the pot. If you complete the quest, you can advance to the following level. If the ball drops out, the game is over. You must be careful to win the game.

Complete the levels

Although initial levels in this game are really simple, high levels are more challenging. There are 15 levels which are locked in this game. You must complete a previous level to unlock the next one which features more challenges. In higher levels, you must help the ball overcome many obstacles before reaching the pot. Moreover, the position of the ball and the pot will change when you step into another level. Therefore, you cannot apply one strategy to play all levels in this game. Before starting a new level, you should come up with a new and effective tactic. To beat more challenging levels, you need to utilize your logical thinking to draw useful lines. Attempt to win all levels in this game and prove that you are a smart player. In addition, you are invited to visit Jewel Academy to have more fun.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to draw the lines to make the ball fall into the pot.

Some tactics to win in Physics Drop

Draw as many lines as possible

The smart strategy is to draw multiple lines. You can use lines to create a bridge between the platform and the pots. Then you continue to draw more short lines to push the ball away. You need to draw flexibly to get the ball into the pot. Your number of lines is not limited. So, you can draw many different lines as long as the task is completed.

Take advantage of the platforms

The location of the platforms can cause many difficulties for you. However, you can take advantage of them to get the ball into the pot. You can draw lines based on the position of the platforms. Use the platforms as a fulcrum to build bridges. You will complete the task quickly.