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Pop The Ice


The missions in each game mode of Pop The Ice

You can Pop The Ice to enjoy the fun. You must strike the table firmly when the cup shifts to make the ice hop into the higher cup, then finish the cocktail.

Like Poor Bunny, this game also has two game modes and you can join one of the two modes below. Each mode will have its own characteristics. Immerse yourself in the game now.

The level mode

In this mode, you hit the table just in time to make the ice can hop. If you make the ice hop go out, you lose instantly. You must align so that the two cups are parallel to each other. Then, hit the table quickly to make ice hop. They will ask you to make the ice hop higher. Then, when the ice drops into the highest cup, you will win the level. Let's move to the following levels.

In addition, when you unlock the required level, you can unlock the country's wine. For example, in the first level, you are asked to make the famous Chinese rice wine. Then, in the next level, you must make the wine of Serbia. Unlock the level in turn to experience them.

The endless mode

Your mission in this mode is almost the same as the one above. You still have to make the ice hop into higher cups. In addition, you don't need to pass levels. The game is endless. Therefore, your ice can hop as high as possible. Try to get the best scores and many coins.

Purchase some items in Pop The Ice

Firstly, you can exchange different ice types. You need a lot of gold coins to buy them. Next, if you want to purchase new cups. There are many kinds of cups. They are so varied. You need to gather a large number of coins. Finally, if you want to exchange the hand, you can select them. You can choose the guitar, hammer, etc. They can help you to make ice hop.