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Rabbit Raid


The playing instruction of Rabbit Raid

Explore Rabbit Raid which has emerged as the latest shooting game. Earn the highest possible score by shooting at as many rabbits and balloons as possible.

Unleashing Precision and Agility

In this game, success hinges upon the mastery of precision and agility. As you navigate the amusement park, your keen eye and steady hands become essential tools. The objective is clear. You are tasked with shooting down every rabbit in sight, ensuring no points slip through your grasp. Aiming for headshots and strategically popping balloons and other targets are the keys to amassing bonus points. Each successful shot propels you closer to victory, boosting your score and enhancing your chances of emerging triumphant.

Saving your lives

At the bottom of the screen, you will find your precious life count and score, serving as constant reminders of the stakes involved. Losing lives could mean starting the game from scratch, amplifying the need for caution and focus. Armed with a mouse, you must swiftly and accurately launch suction-cup projectiles at the frenetic rabbits sprinting through the amusement park. Every shot counts, and only the most skilled you will rise to the challenge and secure a coveted spot on the leaderboard. Join this game now to join the party of the rabbits. Besides, do not forget to check out Funny Shooter 2 and Duck Shooter which are also excellent shooting games on our website.


PC: Use the left mouse button if you want to shoot every rabbit.

MOBILE DEVICES: Tap the screen of your mobile device if you want to shoot every rabbit.