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Rock Paper Scissors


The Principles of Rock Paper Scissors

Check out Rock Paper Scissors which is enjoyed by people of all ages. Choose between three hand gestures to beat your rival and gain the highest score.

Your goal in this game is to defeat your opponent by selecting a gesture that beats theirs. The game is typically played in a series of rounds, with each round determining a winner based on the outcome of the respective hand gestures. Rock, paper, and scissors have a hierarchical relationship, determining which gesture beats the other:

  • Rock crushes scissors: When rock is played against scissors, rock wins.
  • Scissors cut paper: When scissors are played against paper, scissors win.
  • Paper covers rock: When paper is played against rock, paper wins.

To begin a round, the clock will count three seconds. Once the gestures are revealed, the winner of the round is determined according to the hierarchy mentioned above. The winning gesture defeats the losing gesture, and a tie occurs if both you and another player select the same gesture. You should attempt to predict your opponent's move and adjust your strategy accordingly. This psychological aspect adds depth to the game, transforming it into a mind game where strategic thinking and observation become paramount.

Two game modes of Rock Paper Scissors

Like Poor Bunny, this game also offers two game modes including 1P and 2P modes and you need to select one of them. If you want to play with the CPU, you can choose the 1P mode. In contrast, if you choose the 2P mode, you are allowed to select one of the available rooms in the room list. Note that each room has a maximum of 2 players. If there is no available room, you can create a room and invite your friend to join your room.