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Shell Shockers


Joining Shell Shockers

Dive into intense battles against other egg shooters in Shell Shockers. You are tasked with defeating all rivals and capturing the zone or stealing the flag.

Daring combats between eggs

This game takes you into an egg-centric world where you engage in fast-paced combat with egg-shaped characters armed with an array of weapons. You can play as a team or alone. If you play alone, try to shoot down all rivals in the arena. In contrast, if you play as a team, you must defeat the shooters of the opposite team and protect your teammates. Note that you should aim at the center of the eggs because this is a vulnerable spot for the enemies. Moreover, you should stand still when shooting to improve accuracy. However, do not stand too long because this will make for a dead egg. Try to jump when any rival is trying to attack you.


If you want to move around, use the WASD keys.

If you want to aim accurately, hold the Shift key.

If you want to shoot down the enemies, click the left mouse button.

If you want to throw grenades, use a Q key.

If you want to swap weapons, use an E key.

If you want to reload ammo, use an R key.

If you want to use melee weapons, use an F key.

If you want to jump high, use the spacebar.

A list of game modes in Shell Shockers

Like Smash Karts, there are several exciting game modes that offer different gameplay experiences. These modes cater to various playstyles.

  • Free For All: This modeepitomizes fast-paced, individual combat. In this mode, you are thrown into a chaotic battlefield where it's every egg for themselves. The primary objective is to eliminate opponents and strive to be the last egg standing. This mode tests your reflexes, aiming skills, and adaptability as you navigate the frenetic environment.
  • Teams: This mode introduces cooperative gameplay, allowing you to form alliances and work together as a team. Eggs are divided into teams, typically red and blue, and must collaborate to defeat the opposing team. Communication and coordination are essential as players strategize, devise tactics, and support each other on the battlefield. This mode fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, elevating the gaming experience as players bond and triumph together.
  • Captula The Spatula: In this game mode, you must locate and capture the spatula from the enemy team's base while protecting their own. This mode requires a balance of offense and defense, as eggs must coordinate attacks to secure the spatula while defending their territory from rival eggs.
  • King Of The Coop: This final game mode offers the fight for zones. You and your teammates must capture as many coops as possible and protect them.