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The fantastic stage in Slime.io

The first mission

Slime.io offers an attractive playing field where you compete with many others. Join the stage to collect as many crystals as possible and eat other slimes.

In this stage, you will be transformed into a cute slime. Your first task is to collect crystals. These crystals are scattered all over the stage. As you collect them, your slime will size up. It will gradually grow. The bigger crystals you collect, the bigger your character becomes. Go around the stage to collect them. Collect whatever crystals you see on the stage. After your slime gets bigger you will continue to complete other quests.

The second mission

It is said that your second task is more interesting. You can eat other slimes on stage. You can eat slimes of the same size as you. Slimes smaller than your character can also become your food. When you consume them, you will size up faster. Additionally, you need to dodge slimes that are bigger than you. They can turn you into food. You have to run fast to avoid them. If you can't escape, you lose. This mission gives you fascinating and thrilling experiences. The races are extremely dramatic. Are you ready to join the game and complete your missions? Come on and play it.

Exchange your slime and stage in Slime.io

After completing the mission, you will get a lot of gold coins. This amount of gold can help you change your character. Slime characters with more eye-catching shapes and colors are waiting for you. You need to collect enough gold coins to unlock them. There are four types of slimes with different colors. Let's unlock them all. Alternatively, you can change the stage. You don't need gold coins to unlock them. All of them are ready. The color of the stage will be changed, so you will not be bored any longer. After finishing the game, you can join Poor Bunny.