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Tiles Of Egypt


The playing instruction of Tiles Of Egypt

Welcome to Tiles Of Egypt to conquer the challenging levels. Move three identical pieces into the hand to remove them until the playing field is cleaned.

On the playing field, there are many pieces that are stacked on top of each other forming many layers. You can only choose pieces with lighter colors. It means the pieces in the top layer can only be moved. You will move them into the hand to match three of the same pieces. Then they will disappear. You continue your work until there are no more pieces left on the playing field.

Moreover, you need to remember that you do not allow the hand. The hand can contain seven pieces. If you make it full, you lose. Remove the pieces gradually to get more space.

In the end, you will definitely be immersed in this game because of the interesting but challenging levels in this game. If you want to conquer these levels, you must utilize your sharp eyes to find triples of identical tiles as fast as possible. You can get three stars as a reward. Good luck!

Utilizing power-ups to win Tiles Of Egypt

To make the game easy, you are allowed to use two types of power-ups which are Undo and Shuffle. However, you are allowed to use use these button in a limited number of times. If you want to use these buttons more, you need to pay the stars you collected.

For the Undo button, you need to pay three stars to use it one time. The function of this button is to help you redo your action. If you spot your mistake, you can use it to move another piece. You should not use power-ups too many times. Train your brain while playing this game. If you want to join another interesting game, you can join Traffic Command.

This power-up is more expensive than the Undo. You need six stars to buy them. They have the function of reversing the position of the pieces. Use them when you are stuck. So, try to collect many stars to purchase them.