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Wizard Mike


The overview of Wizard Mike

Ways to beat the monsters

Transform into a powerful wizard in Wizard Mike to defeat many monsters. You will use your scepter to shoot enemies down without using all ammo.

You have the task of defeating all the monsters in this jungle. To defeat them, you would use a scepter. It is the ultimate weapon of witches. The scepter has absorbed the will and power of its master to form an extraordinary item. It not only protects its owner but can also defeat other opponents. Therefore, you need to use it as a wizard to win. You will shoot bullets from the scepter toward your opponent. Aim accurately to eliminate as many opponents as possible. It is best if you can destroy many opponents with a shot.

Also, if you succeed, you will get gold coins. This gold will help you upgrade your character. Will you be a great witch in this game?

Tips to win the game

The amount of ammo given to you in each level is limited. You don't have too much ammo to destroy your opponent. However, the higher the level, the more opponents appear. So you need to try to destroy as many opponents as possible. Take advantage of the bouncing bullets to make many other opponents destroyed. Pay attention to the rollers, wooden bars, explosive barrels, etc. They are the power-ups for you. You can shoot at them. As a result, a bunch of monsters will disappear.

It is best if you can train your skills many times. Playing the game regularly will help you to improve your shooting ability. Your reaction speed will be faster. If you also want to train your speed, you can also join Knight Shot. Have fun.

Customize your character in Wizard Mike

In this game, you can use gold coins to buy scepters, hats, and clothes. They will help your character become stronger. The hats help your character protect his head. Clothes help him better protect his body. Finally, if you own the most powerful scepter, you will shoot better. As a result, you can easily pass the level. So, let's accumulate the coins to purchase them.