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Doodle Cricket


Join the Doodle Cricket match

Increase your scores after hitting the ball successfully

Doodle Cricket is launched for sports enthusiasts. If you are keen on cricket, you can join the game and hit balls to get as many scores as possible.

Welcome to the thrilling match where you can join to play cricket. Your task in this game is to get a large number of scores. You need to use the bat to get the ball to get points. If you hit the ball successfully, you will receive a score corresponding to your great shot. You can get from 1 to 6 points. You will get a low score when your shot is not great. The ball can't fly high and roll close, which is the reason why you do not get high scores. You need to hit hard and accurately. As a result, the ball will fly high. So, you can get 6 scores. You need to practice, so you can hit great shots. Wait for the ball to approach your character, and then, you will hit. This tip will help you get 6 scores. You also take caution so as not to break the wicket.

Be out after you fail

If you cannot hit the ball, your wicket will be broken. So, you will be out immediately. You need to focus on the opponent's balls so as not to miss them. Hit them correctly to score points. Good luck. Try to protect your wicket

The attractive characters of Doodle Cricket

The character in this game is very interesting, it is not like the heroes in Jungle Boy, and Cricket Hero. Your character in this game will be two crickets. They will take turns swapping positions to be able to hit the ball. Besides, your opponents are slow snails. However, they have excellent pitchers. They are always trying to break your wicket. So you need to be careful with their pitches. Finally, your fans are adorable animated insects. They are always hearty when you get 6 points.