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Fat Race 3D


The rules of Fat Race 3D

Fat Race 3D is a fantastic running game with a special character. To put on weight and take on additional foes, you must gather a variety of foods.

Run to the finish line

Like Stud Rider, this game also features fast-paced gameplay. In this game, you will control a guy with a chubby body. You will make him fat by eating a variety of fast food and sugary foods such as cake, sushi, fried chicken, chips, etc. They contain a lot of fat, so your character will get fat quickly. Don't worry too much about your character's appearance. The fatter he is, the more powerful he is. While trying to collect food, you also need to be careful with high walls along the track. If the guy is thin, you should control him to move to the left or right to evade the walls. In contrast, if the guy is fat and strong, do not hesitate to hit and destroy all walls along the way. Besides high walls, bad guys are also considered to be dangerous in the running race. Do not try to fight against them when the guy is weak. Contrarily, if the guy is strong, you can defeat the bad guys easily. One noteworthy thing during the running race is the power bar at the left of the screen. If it is full, the guy will roll toward the finish line at a crazy speed.

Battle with the sumo

After the guy reaches the finish line, he has to encounter a sumo. At this time, you must tap the screen or click the left mouse button constantly to control the fat guy to attack the sumo. You will win and step into the higher levels when the sumo flies away. If you want to join more exciting running races, you can check out Jungle Boy on our website.

Way to control character

Hold and drag the left mouse to move.

Tap to attack the boss.

Some tactics for you in Fat Race 3D

You can break the walls to move on, but you shouldn't. The character's weight loss will affect the fight with other opponents. Therefore, you should avoid them to preserve the character's weight. Besides, you also need to collect all the food on the race track. Don't miss any of the items you see on the way. You also need to go over the up arrow icon to jump over the holes. As a result, you can complete your race easily.