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High Hills


The car race in High Hills

Play High Hills to try racing on stunt racetracks now. Drive your car to go as far as possible and collect gold coins along the way before your fuel runs out.

If you are looking for car games like Traffic Command, you should not ignore this game. This interesting game allows you to drive your car to race on the hill. Note that this hill has many steep slopes. When going up or down slopes, you should not accelerate your speed. If you do that, your car can flip easily and the game is over. Besides steep slopes, you also need to watch out for giant spike traps. To overcome them, you should raise your speed and jump as high as possible. Because your fuel is limited, you should collect the fuel containers along the way. Note that your car will stop when it runs out of fuel. It is time to show off the driving skills that you learned in Speed Racer.

How to control:

Hold an up arrow key to drive the car to go forward.

Hold a down arrow key to drive the car to stop.

Press the left-right arrow keys to maintain the balance of your car.

Some tips to go further in High Hills

Upgrade your car

If you want your car to go further, you should upgrade its turbo, engine, wheels, and speed. You should collect as many coins as possible along the way and then use them to upgrade your car. Note that the number of coins that are used to afford to upgrade your car will increase gradually.

Maintain balance

It is important to pay close attention to the balance of your car. You should keep it level by adjusting your position and using the acceleration and braking appropriately. Note that balancing well will help you navigate obstacles along the way and maintain good speed.

Use brakes strategically

While speed is important, don't hesitate to use the brakes when necessary. Slowing down or stopping at the right moments can help you navigate tricky sections, maintain control, and prevent crashes.