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Infinite Craft


General information of Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft is a trending crafting game featuring unique gameplay. Let's combine different elements to create new objects and free your creativity.

Addictive gameplay

The mechanics of this game are super simple. At the start of the game, you are offered four elements which are fire, water, wind, and earth. You need to merge these elements to create new ones such as volcano, plant, flower, rain, rainbow, dragon, swamp, and so on. Then, you can use these new elements to create new stuff. It is possible to say that this game transforms you into a God who has a stronger power and is able to create everything you want. The gameplay is endless, so you can spend all day creating your own universe.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the elements.

Creator and release date

In 2024, Infinite Craft was launched by Neal Agarwal and has quickly become popular. It has become the hottest game and is available on the web browser. You can access and play it on both PC and mobile devices.

Suggested recipes in Infinite Craft

  • Adam: You can combine Mud and Venus to create Adam.
  • Africa: To create this continent, you need to merge Continent and Swamp.
  • Alien: Let's combine Lava Lamp and Lunar to create an alien.
  • Angel: You can create an angel by merging Incense and Prayer.
  • Art: If you merge Drawing and Mountain, you can create Art.
  • Baby: You need to merge Human and Family to create a baby.
  • Christmas: To create this event, you need to combine Tree and Star.
  • Clock: Create a clock by combining Computer and Time.
  • Cinder: If you merge Ash and Dust, a cinder will be created.
  • Cold: To create this, you must combine Fog and Sneeze.
  • Animal: You need to combine Earth and Zoo to create an animal.