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The Haunted Mansion


Become a hero to destroy Zombies

The Haunted Mansion takes us into a village full of Zombies with the intention of invading the village and turning humans into their kind. Become the hero of the village to destroy Zombie's evil intentions.

Night has fallen, this is the right time for evil forces to take over the Earth. They are zombies summoned from the ground, coming to turn humans into their kind. The whole city could do nothing else, that's why a brave hero volunteered to go to the place where the zombies appeared, preventing them from invading the village and expanding their territory. Please support him in this righteous cause.

Prevent Zombies from appearing

The arms that were groping underground were gradually making their way to the surface. The temporary way to prevent them from advancing is to prevent them from escaping underground. Covering the hole in the ground with a wooden crate is a temporary solution. This is the way they do not succeed in invading Earth and humans.

Pay attention to the time

Each challenge requires a certain amount of time. During a challenge, pay attention to the task time in the lower left corner of the screen. The faster you complete the mission, the more stars you will receive. The longer it takes, the number of stars will gradually decrease.

Destroy all Zombies

To keep the village and the Earth from being attacked by Zombies, you need to destroy them all before they achieve that desire. Shut down intentions before they get off the ground. Challenges become more and more difficult as they become more sophisticated, requiring you to use your mind to quickly put down the Zombie's intentions.

How to move

Help the character perform the main task of bringing wooden crates to the location where the Zombie's arm is. Move the wooden crate with the arrow keys.