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Crazy Cars


Wonderful things about Crazy Cars

Are you ready for thrilling car races in Crazy Cars? Drive your car at a crazy speed to race on stunt racetracks and collect as many stars as possible.

Playable game modes

If you are a big fan of driving games such as Traffic Tour or Traffic Command, you should take a look at this game. In this game, you are allowed to select between two game modes. They are the 1-player mode and 2-player mode. You can invite your friend to play this game with you if you want to choose the 2-player Mode.

After selecting the mode, you can start your race. You need to drive your car to go around and evade obstacles. Besides, remember to collect stars. The bigger the stars are, the higher your score. You need to gather all the stars on the playing field to win the game. You should take caution with obstacles and trains. If you hit them, your car will fly away, but it will not be damaged. Therefore, you can continue your race until you gather all the stars.

Various car models

If you visit the garage in this game, you will see various cars. They are a muscle, star car, suprah, testa, turbo, wrenched, hot rod, afford, mad bull. and so on. They have different and cool designs and colors. You should use the stars you earned to purchase your favorite car before starting a new car race.



Press the left-right arrow keys to drive the car to move to the left or right.

Hold an up arrow key to go forward.

Hold a down arrow key to stop.


Press the A-D keys to drive the car to move left or right.

Hold a W key to go forward.

Hold an S key to stop.