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Stick Duel: Revenge


The rules of Stick Duel: Revenge

Brace yourself to participate in exciting battles in Stick Duel: Revenge. Catch the gun and defeat your rival to score five points before he does that.

Selecting the game modes

If you are keen on stickman games like Boxing Random, you should not ignore this game. This action game features two game modes like Poor Bunny. You can select the 1P mode to play against the computer player. In contrast, the 2P mode allows you to join the battle with your friend. You and your friend can use the same keyboard to guide your characters.

Joining thrilling fights

The fights take place in different maps. In some maps, there are high walls, buzzsaws, and lava pools. You need to stay away from the buzzsaws and lava pools if you do not want to lose soon. When the battle starts, many guns drop from the sky. You need to guide your stickman to fly around to catch one of these guns. Then, use this gun to shoot constantly at your enemy until he is eliminated. The final survival will score one point and will be teleported to another map to start a new fight. Your goal is to win five times and earn 5 points to become an ultimate victor of the fights.



Use the arrow keys to guide your stickman to fly around.

Use a L key to catch the gun and shoot.

Use a O key to throw the gun.


Use a F key to catch the gun and shoot.

Use a R key to throw the gun.

Use WASD keys to control your stickman to fly around.