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Pokemon Advanced Adventure


General information of Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Pokemon Advanced Adventure is a fan-made version featuring new regions. Explore new regions, catch Pokemon, and guide them to battle with other trainers.

The story behind the game

This game is about the world where the humans and monsters called Pokemon live together. Some people catch Pokemon and train them. They are called Pokemon trainers. Gary Oak is a crazy scientist as well as a tyrannical overlord. He genetically modified 8 Pokemon and transformed them into tyrant Pokemon. It seems that he is carrying an evil plan. You need to play this game and stop the plan of Gary Oak now.

Your adventure

When playing this game, you will become Ash Ketchum or Misty. First, you need to find Pikachu, which is your first Pokemon. Next, you can start your adventure in different lands to catch more Pokemon. You can train your Pokemon by upgrading their skills. If your Pokemon evolve, they will become more powerful and their appearance also change. Moreover, you can join the battles with other Pokemon trainers. In the fight, you need to ask one of your Pokemon to defeat your opponent's Pokemon.

How to control

Press an X key to choose.

Press the arrow keys to guide the character to move around.

All maps in Pokemon: Advanced Adventure

  • The Town: This is the first map where you will meet Pikachu.
  • Normal Village: This is the second map where you can catch many Pokemon such as Zangoose, Weedle, Tropius, and so on.
  • Village Of Grass: This village is covered in grass. In this village, you will encounter more Pokemon trainers.
  • Village Of Fire: This village is famous for sand storms and deserts. In this village, you will see many fire-type Pokemon.
  • Village Of Ice: Everything in this village is frozen. Additionally, you must fight against ice-type Pokemon when coming to this village.
  • Village Of Dragons: The villagers in this village raise and admire Dragon-type Pokemon.